Ultra-mild toner helps to cool and refresh the skin. Combines 100% organic aloe vera and arnica extr..

रू 875.00 रू 859.00

Touch-up using this advanced ultra-fine powder which gives you smooth matte coverage with comforta..

रू 1,350.00 रू 1,215.00

Your favourite formula in a new exclusive bottle design. Natural coverage make-up for skin glowing w..

रू 1,550.00 रू 1,488.00

Oriflame Makeup Remover 100ml..

रू 550.00 रू 528.00

Effective formula that helps to reduce dark spots and prevents further darkening by protecting them ..

रू 2,000.00 रू 1,799.00

2-in-1 gel with tea tree and rosemary essential oils. Lathers to gently remove impurities and excess..

रू 875.00 रू 859.00

Cleanses impurities and eliminates excess shine from the surface of the skin for a clearer and healt..

रू 999.00 रू 959.00

Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin GlowBring out the best in your complexion. Tinted gel moisturiser with..

रू 900.00 रू 849.00
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