Mero Charity

MeroShringar, works hard to support various charities. We would like to take this opportunity to request for a little help to keep the charity going. 

"Charity begins from home". First time in Sudur Pashim Mero Shringar launches Mero Charity Program. Every institution/ organization earns but very less donates some part to the charity. We are from the society and to the society. Society is what we make it; we are recognized by the society we are living in. 

"Small drops make an ocean". Mero Charity is small part of the profit from the cosmetic items you buy online. We send this part to "Mahila tatha Bridha Sewa Kendra". It is situated at Mahendranagar - 4, Kanchanpur, Nepal. It is an organization that fights for female rights and helps homeless senior citizens. It aims to end up the physical assault and sexual harassment from the society. It also works for rehabilitation of victim at their home and community. It also provides home to the senior citizens, homeless female and children. The organization was registered under 22075. As the organization runs with "Muthi Dan" from the locals and the donations from the people like you.

If you are buying anything from Mero Shingar online beauty shop, some part will be automatically sent to this organization and even you can donate the amount you like if you want to make some extra and additional donations. 

You shall be donating by your own will to the old age home, and the minimum about would be Nrs. 5/- and up to maximum of Nrs. 99/-

MeroShringar is also trying to represent itself in social involvement by fund raising for needy people or the organisation like ""Mahila tatha Bridha Sewa Kendra" and others. We are also trying to raise awareness about social activities by giving the opportunity to our customers to donate by their will.

Though donation is customer's own decision, MeroShringar is giving some of the amount of each and every transaction for donation. It would be like:-

If the amount of transaction is Nrs. 209, the last digit as of amount will go for donation. Here, is Nrs 9.

Those who want to donate more, or any kind of help can contact Mrs. Sarada Chand, the chair person of the organization through MeroShringar.