Sirona 4 Blade Reusable Hair Removal Razor – 1 Pcs


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  • Sirona 4 Blade Reusable Hair Removal Razor for Women with Aloe Boost for Smooth Arms, Legs, Underarms & Bikini Line – 1 Pcs
  • Hassle-free shave: This reusable razor, with its four blades & user-friendly design is ideal for a hassle-free shaving experience.
  • Moisturizing Aloe strip: Above the blades, an Aloe vera strip is fixed to give a moisturizing effect to freshly shaved skin.
  • Effortless: Its head is flexible, which contours every corner of the body effortlessly to give a close shave.
  • Swedish stainless steel: Its 4 blades are made of high quality stainless steel, provide a close, smooth shave without causing cuts.
  • Suitable for: This razor is designed to safely shave tricky underarm & bikini area skin to more stretched one of legs and arms.


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